50 reviews

AA Tactical Inc.

marker Crestview, Florida


50 reviews
Rick Phelps

Only shop I will deal with. Great service, great prices, great selection and best of all Great people.
Bryan Fryday

I want to thank everybody at this establishment for taking time to help me with all my needs. Everyone there is very knowledgeable and professional. Of all the guns shops I've been in over the years AA Tactical is simply the best. I highly recommend them for any and all your firearms needs.
Sam Bennett

I was in on Friday. Try spending more time coming up with an original idea rather than trash talking the people whos every move you copy. I spent 5 minutes overhearing the man behind the counter bad mouth Precision Tactical, another shop in town, to a customer. I wouldnt have anything to say but Ive had nothing but good dealings with Precision. Very tacky and unprofessional. AA you lost a customer.
Donovan Gutierrez

Awesome variety of guns. Went in for what I wanted came out with what I needed and answered every question I had. Highly recommended!!
Monica Wilson

Went into the store to look for a conceal holster. The sales girl was knowledgeable and attentive. I should have known not to buy the holster since the inside liner was starting to tear in the store using one of their guns. I asked the girl if it was ok for the liner to tear like that that and she said oh yeah thats fine, it will do that. Took the holster home to see how it worked with my gun and put it in the holster once. I didn't like because one it did not support the gun well enough and two the holster liner started to tear even more. Tried to take the holster back and before I could really say anything, I was told 'we don't do returns' (as if I should have known but there was no mention of this during the sale). The excuse given was that they ordered another to replace the one that you bought to put on the shelf. I understand that their are some items that cannot be returned, but an accessory item I have not heard of. I will not be returning.