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BWE Firearms & Parts

marker Longwood, Florida


5 reviews
Machine Gun Mike

BWE is the ONLY shop that I will have work on my Uzis. The first full auto Uzi I bought was a Vector, so of course it was out of spec. I sent it off to BWE to 'make it perfect', and Richard did. It came back as a 100% redone, perfectly running, and perfectly looking Vector Uzi and has literally never had a single failure in thousand of rounds since he worked on it. Extremely happy!I was so happy, that now that I have another full auto full size Uzi, and a full auto Mini uzi with a jacked up trunnion, I sent them both over to him as well to have him again 'make them perfect', and I know they will be fixed to perfection and come back to me as two 100% 'brand new' Uzis. Communication with Richard is always excellent too. Just give the guy a call and he always answers during his normal business hours even with as much stuff as he is working on, and he is always pleasant to talk to and answers all of my questions, even though I know the guy is slammed with work.If you have an Uzi and you have a problem, and you want it DONE RIGHT, send it to BWE Firearms.

I was able to get hard to find parts for my 76 and his threaded barrel was outstanding!
Donald Smith

I take my Uzi and my MK 760 to Richard for all repairs and custom work. His work is top notch and all the services he provides are amazing. His only problem are the idiots who are 'offended' when he doesn't work on their type of weapon.
Michael Gregg

Asked for service regarding my Izhmash Tiger. However he refused to do 'AK' work. I find this level of navet from a gunsmith surprising, but not unexpected considering how rare SVDs, Tigers, and NDM-86s are in the US. These guns and AKs share a total of zero interchangeable parts and are exceedingly expensive. Poor customer service. I do not recommend this smith.
Donovan Smeglan

This 'Michael Gregg' character who gave the bad review, well, quite frankly, he sounds like a complete idiot. Why don't you try taking your Ford Pinto into a BMW dealer's service department and see if they'll repair your car. I look forward to your complaining about how said dealer's service is horrible because they refused to work on your precious little Pinto. Nobody gives a rats ass about how rare your guns are; you are obviously clueless. To give this gunsmith a bad rating based upon YOUR naivete is downright ridiculous. BWE happens to be a highly regarded shop for Uzi SMG work, among other things, and many people can attest to their fantastic abilities in that regard. Then again, most of us don't have silly expectations that BWE will also service our muzzle loaders.