50 reviews

A. W. Peterson Gun Shop

marker Mt Dora, Florida


50 reviews
Josh Maudlin

Nice friendly and knowledgeable staff that can answer your questions and offer advice. Competitive prices on firearms but their transfer fee was very high but its my fault for not checking first. They charge $50 and I found a couple other places not far that only charges 15-$20. All in all a pretty solid place
Terrence Davis

These guys gave me great. They helped me finish my build and put it together
Cheryl Kluesener

I'm shopping for a specific gun... they didn't have it but offered to call me when they opened the next shipment whether or not it arrived. The gun didn't come in yet... and I still got a phone call. I LOVE when people do what they say they're going to do!
glenn d

The guy with the bald head and big belly very poor customer service. He just cares about himself. The older and younger guy are great. They should get rid of the bald headed guy then you will have a fine gun shop
Gary B

If you're looking for customer service you won't find it here! Jerks with a bad attitude!