18 reviews

Artemis Enterprises

marker Orlando, Florida


18 reviews
Aaron Cusimano, MD

Great and easy. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable. Has a very large selection of products and if for some reason he doesn’t he can get it.
thomas rayburn

Great service. Support your local small business rather than a big chain!
Kyle Donaldson

Got my SKS from ClassicFirearms shipped here. Kevin was great and very helpful. I am definitely gonna come here again in the future.
patrick kinnear

I tried multiple gun stores while looking for my first gun, and the guys at this location really took the time to explain everything I needed to know as a first timer. I'm signed up for my concealed carry class through them. Prices are great, everywhere else seems to be raising prices because of the current panic.Could not recommend them more highly, thanks for all your help.
Matt Williams

My wife and I came here to take our concealed weapons class prior to getting the license. The class was very informative and helpful, and the techniques we learned during the hands-on portion of the class were extremely valuable in helping me learn how to shoot more accurately and have continued to be helpful when I go to the gun range. Kevin was a great instructor. He was very friendly and patient with us while also ensuring we had all the information we needed not just for the CWL but in the real world. I highly recommend this company for anybody purusing their CWL, and additionally, their store selection was also great. We will definitely return in the future for any classes or firearm/accessory purchases!