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Daniel Defense

marker Ellabell, Georgia


37 reviews
Tyler Nelson

So far I am very happy with the gun and accessories. I ordered it through the website since I had a code for 10% off but I will never do that again. First the website wasn't taking the code so I used the 'Contact Us' and submitted a request for help. No one ever answered me back. So I submitted my order anyways. I received an email saying my order would be shipped in 3-4 days and I would get an email with the details of the shipment. 5 business days later I hadn't received the email so I followed the direction in the first email and emailed Daniel Defense asking for a status update. Once again I got no response. Finally I called Sales and support and find out they don't have the FFL info of the dealer. The guy tells me he will handle it. A few days later I call again to get an update and find out they still don't have the info. I end up talking to Kevin in the Warranty department because Sales didn't answer the phone. Kevin tells me he will take care of it and he does. An hour later Kevin calls me back and tells me he got the info from the dealer and everything should be good to go. Thank you Kevin for doing the job your co-workers wouldn't do! Give that man a raise.I'm so sick of companies that can't keep their customers informed on their orders. Its so easy to do. Send an email with an expected timeline. If the timeline changes send another email with an updated timeline. If a customer has a question then answer it. Don't provide customers with means to contact you that aren't monitored by anybody.
indrid cold

Janet Gohlke

Ryan Hillyer

Great guns, great price!
kensen white

Ordered a V7 and its been 4 months and no word from them. I have called and called and never get any updates on my order. Save your money and buy from a company that actually cares about its customers