32 reviews

Bloomington ATA Family Martial Arts

marker Bloomington, Indiana


32 reviews
Renae Price

My son is training at ATA Family Martial Arts. He loves the atmosphere. Everyoneis treated with respect. In just a short time he has learnedseveral skills including life skills such as self confidence, respect and integrity. This is a great program.
Greg Moody

I love martial arts at Bloomington ATA. We were amazed and shocked in the best way possible!! The instructors are the best in any kids activity anywhere! My son has mild autism - started at 3 years old - and he's now 15. He has blossomed into a strong, confident leader. He's a starter on his football team and track... just got all A's in high school his freshman year... and has lot's of friends.Without it I don't know where he would be! Thanks!
Christa Gaskins

They talk a good game but I feel totally taken advantage of. They lied online about their special deal and as soon as we missed one class, stopped encouraging my son. They did not follow through with giving him the gear I paid for and did not reschedule a meeting with us that they were two classes late for in the first place. They did the exact same things in 10 classes, no real progress and even I got bored. My son obviously did, too. And now Im stuck in a contract for a year paying $250 a month... unless we move out of state or my son becomes hospitalized. Soooo, join the scam if you want, but good luck.
Luis Silva

I called to get info on registration. The woman was being super shady about giving me information over the phone. Then she talked down to me when I asked her for pricing. Oh, then she blocked me on Facebook. Avoid at all costs. I wouldn't trust my child at a place like this. Want more proof? Read the other 1 star review. SHADY
Ronnie Mathis

This facility is phenomenal and the staff are extremely friendly. My family attends as a group and we have always enjoyed the experience. It is entirely a situation of, you get out of it, what you put into it. I am a military member, and have seen an increase in my confidence in my ability to lead, and physical fitness since joining. They spend a good amount of time ensuring that the students understand the basics and have a solid foundation before entering the higher ranks, while also working to instill strong moral values and ideals. They also offer classes besides taekwondo, and extra events for children and families. I highly recommend them for any family interested in a fun and fulfilling activity that they can do to grow together.