10 reviews

Blue Diamond Trading Post and Pawn Shop

marker Kokomo, Indiana


10 reviews
Jacob Morris

Went looking for a 4 wheeler for a boys birthday, the new owner gave me his word on a deal and we went in a week later; he remembered me, what I wanted and the offer he made me. I will definitely return!
Randy Statton

He is there to do business come ready to barter.
Darrin Garner

Lied 2 me bout pawning a handgun in indiana if they don't wanna that's cool but said u can't in indiana. No class low rent what can u trust them with
Cat Tamer

Horrible, awful experience. Never come here EVER. I went in with my boyfriend hoping to sell an item.The guy working the counter was rude and sexist and the other guy sitting there did nothing to stop it. Said some things about me not being his type and not even to me to my boyfriend and he would not even speak to me directly. At one point he pretty much told my boyfriend to push me aside. Also asked my boyfriend if I could cook. Why does that matter? I'm just trying to sell something. Who says anything like that? Especially to a customer. Ultimately they refused to help us as well clamming to be unknowledgeable about what we were trying to sell and we should go elsewhere. This place is completely unprofessional and no decent place of business would ever tolerate that kind of behavior. Save yourself and your human dignity some time and go to one of the many other trading/pawn shops in Kokomo. Many of them have much friendlier, more knowledgable employees.

Rude and sexist, do not come here. Came in with my girlfriend to sell an item and the man working continued to comment, 'not my type, but pretty hair though,' and asked, 'does she cook?'