50 reviews

Bear Arms, LLC

marker Council Bluffs, Iowa


50 reviews
Ray Mihulka

Good selection and customer service.
Matt DeVille

I'm an out-of-state customer, I called them up looking for a rifle and Jordan helped me pick out my firearm, set up the transfer, and rang me up in under 7 minutes. The communication during and after the sale has been excellent, the price was the best I'd found ANYWHERE, and the customer service was fantastic. HIGHLY recommend dealing with these folks!

This shop is great I have bought several guns from here and the service is always fast and professional. Even if you need to special order a gun they don't have in stock they will hook you up pretty quick. Also I would say the prices are fair and reasonable with great customer service.Edit 1: I realize one of the main guys working there has the same name as me I promise I am a different Jordan lol
Theresa McKinney

Was very helpful. I purchased a Lpc2 last Christmas. I live the gun . When I'm ready for a step up with a 9mm they will be the first place I'll look .
Scott Taff

Great place. Even better deals!!! Great AR-15...