50 reviews

Arnzen Arms

marker Eden Prairie, Minnesota


50 reviews
Christine Stevens

My sister recently went to this store looking to purchase a handgun, she has a good overall knowledge ... she was awarded sharpshooter through the Army. She is a polite lady and her being ignored and finally spoken to in such a degrading rude manner has lost 3 customers. Her, Myself, and my Coworker who suggested the store.
Señora Hutter

Top notch company with outstanding customer service!! We had a small issue with an item we bought. Jason reached out to me immediately and went above and beyond to resolve the issue. He sent us a replacement and he shipped it with expedited shipping! The level of communication, professionalism and dedication to customer service is bare none. Arnzen Arms will definitely be our go to place for all of our firearms and related equipment in the future!
Patrick Weidenfeller

Been going to Arnzen for years. Definitely one of my favorite local gun stores, usually they have the best prices on used firearms. Staff is friendly and talkative.
BRIAN Banish

For such a big store they have few pistols. Staff are very hands off. Website is a complete joke to maneuver
Richard Freeman

Found the shop from Gunbroker. Call in and gave them my CC over the phone(I do not like typing my CC over the net) Bought their Volquartsen pistol (10 stars too) about 2:00. Paper work was done that day and shipped the next with free shipping!!! I could not find a place to give them 10 STARS but would. Thank you