50 reviews

Atomic Tactical Inc.

marker Savage, Minnesota


50 reviews
ernest Hoagberg

I contacted Atomic via facebook to see if they could do some work on an upper for me. Response was quick, was told it would be a 1 day turnaround. When I dropped it off on Monday, the guy working behind the counter barely acknowledged me while he was on the phone(looked to be on hold). I told him what i was there for and just told me to leave it on the counter and went back to holding. The next day, I get a facebook message saying Atomic would have it done on Saturday and would call when it was ready. I didn't receive any call back, arrived at 2:50 Sat. Same person that I dropped it off with was working. I asked to get the upper back, done or not. I mentioned that I was upset that the 1 day turnaround turned into a week and not touched. Then he tells me, 'I don't want your attitude. This sounds like a you problem, not an Atomic problem.' and slapped a business card down on the counter for the 3rd party they apparently farmed it out to. He refused to call himself or to even go look in back. While I was calling, another employee did go look in back and found it. If you're going to be so arrogant as to yell at your would-be customers on their way out the door, I think you should at least be pretty good at what you do. Just look at the way they respond to negative feedback on their reviews... childish.
Jon Topper

Very knowledgeable very friendly
Scott Bensen

Great place for your firearms needs.
Jonathan Ricketts

Was referred here by guys at gun counter at gander because they didn't have the part I needed for my AR build. Got what i needed at atomic. Nice shop and the guys here are very helpful. I need an excuse to get back to this place. Thanks

Very helpful, knowledgeable, kind and respectful staff. Great selection and competitive pricing. I am now a life-long customer.