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marker Sleepy Eye, Minnesota


39 reviews
New Form Silence

Never have anything in the cooler stocked, always understaffed, can't ever seem to order anything for the kitchen
Destiny Taberski

We ordered a pizza last night at 9:41pm and the guy said it would be 35-40 minutes. I was fine with that. My husband and I got to the the store,, asked for the pizza. The guy in back said 'You're early.' And grabbed an already made pizza and put it in the oven. The employees proceeded to argue, when asked to talk to a manager, there wasn't one and nobody was willing to contact a manager to resolve the issue.I didn't see anyone wearing masks either. The young guy up front had his mask hanging off his left ear. I was upset with my experience a d ended up going elsewhere.
Robert Jenkins

Worst Casey's ever...
Kelvin Landherr

Charlie Vang

Worst customer service I've encountered. Went in to get some pizza, and the warmers were sealed due to the virus. Sign said to ask the worker...well I stood there looking at the worker looking back at me for a good minute with no interaction. Then I askes for him to get me two slices of pizza and he said 'I cant right now, I am busy. No no I cant, Im busy.' And I was so shocked I just got my coffee and walked out. The cahsier did not even acknowledge me other than say my total. Never going there again for anything!! I used to work in a convenience store, and never did I turn down a customer wanting food unless it was after/before hours no matter how busy it was.