50 reviews

Bennie's Boot & Western Wear & Gun Shop

marker Artesia, New Mexico


50 reviews
Cristian Amato

Service isn't what it used to be. Everyone is really rude. I will shop at rugged trade from now on
Heidi Petitt

We searched all over the country for a particular vest and we found it at Bennies. They were super helpful and shipped it to us in Florida stat. Thank you for your great customer service!!!
Tito Elias Valenzuela

I love getting all my work clothes from here... Great service here...
Morgan Nichole Gomez

Found my husband some good work boots at a decent price, great customer service. Will be going back for their July sale.
Ranch House

The employees at the Carlsbad location are insanely rude. I prefer to be left alone when Im shopping, but dang. At least give me more than a passing glance when I ask you a question. The first time we came here there was an older gentleman behind the counter, and boy he must be important. All the employees that day were on their best behavior. I say that because the few times weve come in after, he hasnt been here, and they are like a bunch of high school girls standing in a circle by the register on their phones. Every. Time. My husband and son both wear pearl snaps 98% of the time, so weve given them a fair bit of business, but were over it. The other western wear store in town has a smaller selection, but well be taking our business there.