5 reviews

Ben's Gun Shop

marker Owego, New York


5 reviews
Barney Wilkins

I HIGHLY recommend Mike at Ben's, he takes the time to make sure his customers have the correct equipment, and, he is also a VERY highly skilled instructor - A+++
Frank Mulligan

Ray DelleFave

Mike is outstanding and completely customer focused. I will happily take my business there. I also encourage friends to go as well. He is extremely knowledgeable on the products he sells as well as offering great insights.
Alex Morgan

Gregory Maier

Although very small and located in a rual area this is the gold mine of gun shops in the southern tier of New York. Mike, a second or third generation family gunsmith can simply overwhelm you with a wealth of information. He has hundres of thousands of rare guns parts in new condition from the early 1900's that your modern main street, downtown gunshop wouldn't even know existed. Mike's uncanny ability to recognize and identify firearms in fractions of a second is remarkable. His range facility is very nice and easy access for the customer just steps from the door. If your looking for a truly unique opportunity to experience a personalized relationship with a gunsmith you'll want as your best friend then Ben & Mike's Gun Shop is the place to be. Mike is a very big hunter so I encourage you to to call in advance and make an appointment if there is an active hunting season but if there is he is open pretty late. I just can't believe I found this Honey Hole of Gun Shops so fast I just moved up to NY from FL in April and it is Oct now, AMAZING......