50 reviews

Big Boy's Guns, Ammo & Range

marker Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


50 reviews
Chad King

Absolutely no personality by anyone. Ive seen drill instructors friendlier than their range safety officer. Its almost as if they dont need business. My friends and I wont be back.

Sold ol' Beth there. Fair price, better than everyone else. To be fair, they did say shotguns were selling fast and that the reason I got a good price for mine was because it'd probably sell the day after for a quick turnaround.
Quentin Curlee

Ive spent a couple thousand here over the past couple years and the one time I try to return something( an $80 armorers wrench) unused and unopened they wouldnt issue a refund. A week prior I needed a screw shaved down so it wouldnt hit the bottom of a gas block. During that process the guy scratched the side of my $180 stream light and still charged me $20 for the screw. Im not a fan of their costumer service and I wont be back.
George Moore

I have been looking for a replacement for H &H. I am shopping around for a good shooting range but from all the negative reviews I don't think big boys will cut it. apparently the staff is lazy, rude and condescending. employees who talk down to customers? and they themselves don't follow the safety rules? I have yet to see where the management have posted apologies or offered to make amends to unhappy customers. Sorry big boys, we could have done business together but you need to up your game.
Noah Whitmill

Left a .22 rifle here to get cleaned after seeing the shop close to my home. They said service would take a week, which was no problem. After two weeks of waiting, I call to check on service to be told it needs one more week. I wait another week, call up Big Boys, and am told I was contacted four days ago but never responded. After pick-up I took the rifle to be tested with my friend at the on-site range. We were harassed by the range operating person. We were in a scarcely populated range, but were forced to keep all bags in the lane, and unloaded firearms facing downrange whether there's a person in front of you or not. Very unsafe range. When the store provided professional was there he made you feel uncomfortable, and when you needed him he was nowhere to be seen. Won't be back.