13 reviews

The Pawnshop and More

marker Astoria, Oregon


13 reviews
Cait McAllister

I am pregnant and was immediately greeted by the guy running the store smoking a cigarette at the door. After entering the store, my boyfriend and I were followed by this man. He swore at us and told us to leave the store. We calmly asked why. He would not give a valid reason and he refused to give us his name.
Isaac Gray

Would highly recommend this pawn shop! Great service, friendly people!
Tyler Cossitt

This is hands down the worst pawn shop I have ever been to. The guy who runs it is pompous and rude. Went in to look for a new hunting rifle. They have guns posted used for more then brand new asking price. When asked to lower the price. He still tried to sell it for the same price as brand new and gave me an attitude telling me he didn't care I did my research. He knew zero about firearms. I will be happily taking all my needs elsewhere. Bottom line. DO YOUR RESESRCH THEY WILL SCREW YOU ON PRICE
Chantelligence Funk

Not sure what happen to the man with children. He made it seem more like a family business then. New management didn't want to seem to want to give me hardly anything for some of my items so I just left. Granted the stuff I brought in I didn't expect much for but definitely more than what was offered. The guy working seems young and almost seems like he was pushed into having to work there. He seemed as if he didn't want to be there. Maybe he was having a off day but I did go in a few times before this particular time and attitude didn't seem much different. I figured he just happen to be working the times I went in instead of the man before. The new guy informed me that the man before quit and so he had to come to work there now. I think the new guy just needs to educate himself more on people skills and item values to keep business good. I thought this is the best pawn shop we have around this area and I hope it continues to be even with the new management. I think customers feel better putting their items and money into a business that seems to care. So smile. Make friendly random conversation. Try to look at the bright side of things. Don't look like Eeyore. Smile life's short. Care about your community and they will care for you to
jonathan woody