18 reviews

295 Tactical

marker Springfield, Oregon


18 reviews
Prism was_here

Mr Myers is a great instructor- articulate and funny - packed all kinds of relevant, diverse info into a mixed class of beginners and advanced shooters. well-organized & accomplished, he came highly recommended by other local dealers, I was not disappointed!
Abby Ovitsky

Donny knows from personal experience what he is talking about and has inspiring gun safety classes in his store also a private shooting range but he does not check email often, I forgive him as he more than makes up for it in person.
William Beene

Amazing gun shop! Great owner! My favorite gun shop in town. Highly recommend his concealed carry class. Well organized and extremely experienced.
Emilio Guevara

Friendly customer service, knowledge and price! The gentleman and the young lady very helpful and Im becoming a regular thats for sure! Thank to the staff
Lee Tibensky

I had to do a gun shipment because I was moving and they told me that they would email me the tracking info and they didn't until I got a hold of them four days later. On top of that they didn't include any name or contact info for me with the weapon. I could of legally lost my weapon because of their incompetence if my Dad didn't know the people it got sent to.