50 reviews

Double Tap Shooting Range & Gun Shop

marker Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


50 reviews
Rob Brown

I wanted to get a new glock 19 willing to order it ...The owner told me 650.00 and if I wanted a go it would be more ..I want to tanners and payed 552 out the door. This guy is just Ripping off 1st time shooters.go somewhere else you will be happier.
Najmiddin Fatkhiddinov

Very rude staff, poor service and empty store
Shutter Assassin

Awsome Place! Went shooting for my birthday on 07-23-19 And the guys were nice the ranges were well litt and the guns were nice! Will deffinatly be there soon!!!
Nasibakhon Gaffarova

very bad service

Ive been here about four times, all within in two-months time. The range itself is fine, kept in decent shape. For any serious shooter, this place is not for you. The staff is very unprofessional-constantly cursing in front of customers. The Range Officer who dresses like a literal cowboy doesnt do his job by watching typical range safety. People not keeping their firearms pointed down range, walking around freely with firearms, people pointing their firearm at the ground to make sure its clear instead of pointing downrange, and the few times there was a cease-fire and the Range Officer has to go down range, people are still at the bench fiddling around with their firearm or magazines. This place is unsafe and needs to tighten up on safety tremendously before an accident happens. $20 for unlimited shooting is nice but you get what you pay for and it is never worth gambling anyones safety. I will no longer go to this range and I would not recommend to anyone who has experience with firearms. This place is an accident waiting to happen.