50 reviews


marker Cordova, Tennessee


50 reviews
JR Parks

Horrible customer service and dont get a gun transfer youll be waiting for days been waiting over 5 days now
Antonio Rosales

After reading some of the comments from users you can certainly see the impatience and lack of tolerance of people. The guys at the store may be so busy with other users that time can pass before they get to you but once they get to you the service and knowledge is superb!! I have bought multiple firearms and they have always treated me with respect and something I can admire is knowledge.They have knowledge!! The racial card is out the door because I am a foreigner and they have always treated me friendly and with respect. I have called Richard with questions and if he is not too busy he is always willing to share the wealth of information he posses. All in all, I always have a good time at the store!!
Ryan Margheim

When I told the guy what my gun was (DB9 ar style pistol) and issue he told me to sell it and buy a new gun with out even trying to make an attempt to arrange a time to look at it. I wouldn't go there for any gun smithing with that kind of attitude
Libra Nicole

The most rudest person I have contact with. After standing in line for 20 minutes to get service another customer walk right in a the guy behind the counter said you are next to the guy he saw just walk in . The clerk then rang up my purchase but I requested a refund ( never got the merchandise) then proceed to tell me he could not refund my debit card. I called my bank they had no record of an attempt refund. I asked for the manager he refused to give the owner number. He also refused to give me any proof Of the refund request. Basically took my 300$. I would never recommend this place to anyone
Antwaun Ward

The salesman was very rude didnt give me a chance to walk in the store and said no to everything I asked for. I will never spend my money at a place like this. P.S the rude guy is the dude that wears the black glasses