50 reviews

Buds Gun Shop and Range Tennessee

marker Sevierville, Tennessee


50 reviews
Meg !

Needed a new magazine for my handgun and the staff was very helpful and nice. Highly recommend!
Felix Merced

I usually dont do reviews weather it was a good or bad experience, but this place has some of the worst most rudest customer service Ive ever dealt with! I dont really think they care about your experience or if your happy with the products they are selling! The vibe I got was are you buying something NO ok next!
Chris Loop

The range officers are amazing, the salesmen....... not so much.Impatient, rude, pushy, smartasses come to mind. Definitely not new customer friendly.
Howard B

Click another one off the bucket list. Big and nice staff. Even they are affected by the pandemic. Suppliers are low.
Korbin Matthews

Garbage service and never answer the phone Ive been trying to call for days today was 15 back to back times for pistol and I get nothing