50 reviews

Bob’s Gun Shop

marker Norfolk, Virginia


50 reviews
Ciara Jones

Until your employee learns how to respect customers you will not do business here ! My sister was degraded in front of customers. She has reached out to the owner on Facebook and via email no response. We do not tolerate this type of behavior here !!!!

They don't answer their phones nor return email inquiries. They are listed for many types of guns but never have them in stock
Jacob Lee

My background, life long gun owner, bought 15+ guns in 3 different states. I buy a gun every year between June-July for a birthday present. Went to Bobs on Fathers Day 2020, they were busy as expected and didnt have the pistol I was loo omg for. No biggie I ended up going with a S&W shield 9mm. It was overpriced by about $20 but I was already there. The state police delayed my background check due to large volume of checks that day(understandable). Was told I would get a call once its approved. 5 days went by(state police website said it should take no longer than 3 days). It took me calling 28 times for them to answer and tell me its been approved for a while. After that call I decided to go with a different dealer and called 58 times over the next six days with no answer. So today I drove there to cancel the order and explained my situation to the clueless gentleman at the door. When I asked why they couldnt answer my many calls he pointed at the line and said obviously weve been too busy to answer the phone. In summary they are too busy to call me to pick up my firearm, they are too busy to answer their phone to cancel my order, they inflated their prices more than other shops in the tidewater area. I understand demand is up right now but it is rude to be too busy to help one customer because there are 5 more behind them. They act like you are waisting their time when buying from them. Ive used too busy a lot in this review because thats the only excuse they gave me for poor communication and being treated like I dont matter. They will probably be too busy to even acknowledge this review and acknowledge their shortfalls. Buy somewhere else!
TacoABeast 83

The older lady behind the counter is extremely rude...was ready to spend $1000 dollars until her rudeness turned me off. Would NOT recommend this place to anyone
P220 Legion

I literally walked in, pointed to the firearm i wanted, performed a functions check and filled out the paperwork and was done. This place is awesome. I bought my gun here, bought the ammo, and tested it on the range. Staff was very helpful and this place has the largest inventory near me. Definitely recommend. There's 3 floors to this place and all the staff on all floors was great.