5 reviews

Bowlby's Gun and Pawn

marker Yakima, Washington


5 reviews
Chelsie Colglazier

I absolutely love these guys, they have been nothing but amazing to me since day 1!
Shawn Lamebull

Reasonably priced gear for LEOs. Rifles at good prices with an eclectic selection. They also perform firearm transfers. An anecdote: I purchased a rifle and had it transferred through Bowlby's. The weapon is chambered in an uncommon caliber. The transaction went as planned. Later in the day I was contacted by Bowlby's. The seller of my rifle had included several boxes of ammunition (approximately 75$ in value), in the shipping box without my knowledge. I was being contacted to retrieve my rounds. It is this sort of ethical commerce that keeps me coming back to Bowlby's.
Audrae Fiskum

THESE people, are very honest peopl& Respectful! we're thankful to have met em!world needs few more folks like em!
Fred Thomson

Great selection of e erything including handcuffs.
Peter Sil

Staff was rude, had no information about the stuff they were selling and had a handful of knockoff items priced as real. When asked about the price, I was told I 'should just go buy a new one then.'