11 reviews

Cardinal Pawnbrokers & Sporting Goods

marker Beckley, West Virginia


11 reviews
Fred Smith

Bought one of my first rifles there. Was way over priced after I looked into it but I thought maybe the service would be worth it. Mike is very knowledgeable but I would probably never return for two reasons. 1) Prices are high 2) The Wife. After my last interaction with her, given it was years ago, Id never return. Seems snobby and rude to me. Went in and asked to pawn a firearm and she said they were not pawning. Kind of defeats the name on the sign. Save some time and money and get great customer service at shooters roost. Only place Ill shop for the rest of my life. Less than a mile away.
Kevin Voiers

Just bought my first brand new bow from here and i couldnt be more happy. I received all the help and support that i could ask for.. will definitely be doing more business in the future. Thanks again mike and lisa.. and maggie. Lol
Michael Bolen

Mike is the best setting up a bow there is friendly atmosphere good prices been shopping there for 8 years Mike and LISA Have become good friends over the years
barcode Johnson

Best most honest and help with my bow . Help me set it up
Ryan Strain

I never really had the money to buy a top of line bow from anywhere until this year. that being said last year i price shopped for a bow and wound up at park buying a bow it was a Hoyt mid range bow 1. they sold me arrows out of spine 2. i bought a women's bow for my wife also got sold arrows out of spine. 3. they never even pulled the weight to make sure it was in poundage which i didn't even know till i took it to mike. 4. i had to drive all the way back out there to have them fix it they wouldn't buy the arrows back that were wrong. Now this is not a bash to park they are what they are, but my experience with buying a bow from mike has been the complete opposite, he make sure every detail is how you want it and gives suggestions. also travel time also comes into play when it comes to servicing a bow if it needs it. I have been to all the bow shops in the area and mike is the only one that knows what he is talking about. plain and simple.