38 reviews

Badger Gun Sales LLC

marker Green Bay, Wisconsin


38 reviews
Noah Laviolette

By far the best gun shop I've ever been too. Great prices and a very knowledgeable man. He just scored a customer.
Nicole Gehm

I was looking for my first hand gun, after I experience a horrible incident, after reading the other reviews I went to Badger Gun- Perry was so knowledgeable in what guns would fit your hands correctly- I had in mind what gun I wanted- and Perry said nope to big for your hands, I also wanted my conceal carry - he showed me different guns that he thought would work best for me, so I bought my first gun and, signed up for the conceal carry class thru them.
Lonnie Rand

Wow, excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable about the wide range of products. Assissted in picking exactly the right tools for my needs. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Probably the worst customer service I have even seen. Owner was extremely rude. BUYER BEWARE!
Alisa Love

Very great store to shop at no profiling because.im AA myself in my husband were denied service from Kimbellas we r not felons I believe he is the owner from the min. I walked in the store very helpful n kind thanks Badger Guns