29 reviews

B J's Shooters Supply & Repair

marker Sheboygan, Wisconsin


29 reviews
FOSS Panda

Gene is a great man, he's not just there to sell you on something, he's there to talk and make friends with people who also like shooting. He's given me some really great deals and has been pretty generous without people even knowing it. I took my pistol to gander to adjust the sights on it on a Sunday when Gene was closed, it costed me $80 but I had no other choice to get the sights fixed that day before going to the range. The rear sight fell off within my first magazine at the range. The guy said that he pushed on the sights after he aligned them with his finger and thought that they were solid, which was wrong. I brought them to Gene after getting a refund from Gander and was willing to pay whatever it took to get my pistol back in working order, he put the sights on while I took out my wallet and he told me that it was on the house and to come back to him next time I needed my sights fixed. Ever since then I haven't bought a gun from anyone else, those online stores offer fantastic prices but they cannot offer what Gene can, they can't offer a friend.
Blong Xiong

jackie scheidt

I tried to reach the owner twice. No call back. Nothing. Whatsoever. I had previously went to store to see if it was open. The store sign stated that they only want Sheboygan customers. I am a resident of Sheboygan. I understand completely about safety and precautions with social distancing as well as having limited hours. However, after waiting over a week after reaching out twice, it's clear that this guy picks and chooses his customers, quite possibly with bias. Could it be because I sold my firearm to him some years back? He gave me a fair price. But now this guy won't even take 5 minutes to return a phone call. He doesnt even have the decency to say to my face that maybe he doesnt like me. That's fine. I thought that business owners were supposed to treat all persons equal. I worked hard to get my license to carry. I have a clean record, I work hard, I am very responsible with all my weapons. I even attended the Sheboygan Police Citizens Academy.I was looking to support a local business. This experience right here is exactly will steer me towards other big box stores.
Benjamin Treppish

Great service just waiting for a call back... the owner seems very friendly looking forward to my first purchase with more 2 come.
Rose Marie Thuy Dortmund

Gene has always been fair to me in regards to my needs in weapons ammo etc. Today I was in there filling out paperwork when this customer comes up tight next to me. Gene requests him to move over so that's there 6 ft between us and the man intrntionally coughs in his face. Fortunately for the both of us we had our masks on. The man got ignorant with gene after gene stated you coughed in my face my self I said dude what are you doing? Gene just told him to l leave and dint you know theres a virus out there? Unbelievable this man thought his importance was above health and safety. Thanks Gene I'd rather be safe than sorry I was deathly ill.. YOU ROCK!!!