6 reviews

Ammo Shack

marker Torrington, Wyoming


6 reviews
Nathan Peterson

Favorite place to buy firearms best prices in town
Shelley Claire Koerner

Awesome folks to deal with! listened to what I wanted and needed, and delivered! God bless them, their gunshot and ministry!
Adam Shammel

I have only been in Torrington for about a year, and we're moving again soon, but they're one of the best places I've done business with for firearm related transactions. I've made a few purchases, as funds allowed, and browsed quite a couple times as well. I believe the prices are in line, on average, with other places I've been in various regions from Montana to the dakotas and Nebraska. They are knowledgeable, FRIENDLY, good people. I know that for some items they may be a few dollars higher than a box store, but that is in line with any small town business, and the service MORE than makes up for it. Inquiring about a revolver I'd long been hunting led them to scoring me a steal whilst their supplier had it on sale and they showed me the price and explained their fee (that I was more than willing to pay) and even after custom grips I'll still be under the price of a used revolver of the same make! Due to a previous Google review, they were hesitant to order something else for a stranger, but still accommodated my request! For the few items that may be slightly higher priced than folks can find on a day trip to bigger towns, I still suggest that they're bringing a personable experience to the table that makes everything worthwhile. Walmart closed down another small gun shop in the region recently and I promise folks already regret that! These folks are the best in town!
Christian Parra

Bryant McCarty

DISHONEST AND PREJUDICE.Generally more expensive in their prices on ammunition and other items due to being a small business, but understandable. Officially they charge $25 for a gun transfer 'unless the can get it cheaper.' I spoke with the owner and his wife on 3 separate occasions, and they said the same thing all three times. Today I went in to set up a transfer-- found a rifle online for $470, and the cheapest the owner could get it was for $550. He said he wouldn't transfer my rifle because 'he has some in a warehouse in Ohio' even though his price was $80 more. His excuse was 'I'm the pastor of a church, and want to obey the law; the company that's selling your rifle isn't collecting tax.' Understood, but that's not the point. Point is: I'm a consumer, taxes are an issue between the online retailer and the state. The owner and his wife straight up LIED, and personally I would hope 'a pastor of a church' WOULD BE HONEST IN HIS DEALINGS WITH HIS FELLOW MAN.