47 reviews

29 Outdoor Gear

marker American Canyon, California


47 reviews
brianna thielsen

I purchased a Glock BB gun at 29 Outdoor gear. The employees are excellent. They are very helpful and it was a pleasure doing business with them. Unfortunately I was only able to use the gun for a 3 day period before I lost it in a car fire but in the time I had it I loved it.
Danilo Badua

Just walked in to this store after lunch this Saturday (8/4/2018) to have my Remington 870 checked and fixed if possible. Paul the gunsmith was quick to dropped what he was doing and helped me. He made a quick diagnosis that my extractor needs replacing. He replaced it within 15 minutes and showed me my shotgun was functioning well there after. He charged me only $20.00 for both parts and labor!!!! This place is tops. I heartily recommend them to everyone.
Cody Moore

Great selection and very knowledgeable staff. The resident gun smith is the best in the industry. Want something weird or custom come here. Want great training from first class instructors? You definitely need to be here Thanks to Kyle, Paul, Jerry, April, Kassandra and Steve for all that you guys do!
Marco Calderon

Small shop, but very kind employees and really reasonable prices. Only place I've been to that offered to order something they didn't have in stock, and gladly took my name down to hold it/call me when it came in. Small details, but really made the experience. Transfer prices are extremely fair - none of this $100 nonsense you get in the Bay.
Taylor Hoff