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28 reviews
Creepinsolo FPV

Great experience! Had a firearm shipped there and I was called once they received it. Fast and knowledgeable staff. I'll be back again!
Jessica Davis

Cameron Jones

I sent Nicholas Rodriguez of AWA Inc two pistols to be refinished a year ago. To date, I have been met with nothing but excuse after excuse regarding the work. I asked for my property to be returned regardless of their condition and Nicholas began ignoring me. I resorted to contacting the boss of AWA, Russ. He has been stringing me along for over 2 months and is also now ignoring me. I contacted the ATF this morning to see what legal options I have because apparently these guys are nothing but thieves. Edit: The owner of the shop is now threatening to turn my guns into the ATF (you can't legally do that) if I don't remove my negative review about their deceiving business practices. He only even responded to my pleas to get my property back after I left this review. I have a detective and ATF agent contacting me tomorrow.Edit: It has now been about 2 years since I've seen my guns and I have gone through both law enforcement and private counsel to get them back. I will eventually be seeing these guys in court after many civil attempts to get my property back, but they think they can just ignore me until I go away. I find it very interesting that the owner is demanding I pay for work that was never done on these reviews but won't respond to my messages. Just in case there was any doubt, here's his employee telling me in writing that the work was supposed to be free. You belong in jail, AWA.Edit 2: I find it highly suspect that you will only respond to public complaints but won't answer the phone or respond to Facebook messages you. You know as well as I do that you have no legal right as an FFL to sell property that hasn't been abandoned. This is a civil dispute and if you dispose of firearms on your A&D that are not legally yours then you will be criminally prosecuted without question. Nic is an employee of your company and acted as an agent of your FFL. You cannot simultaneously claim no responsiblity for the guns because they were mailed to Nic (Wrong, mailed to the AWA business address) while demanding compensation for work that was both not completed in a timely manner nor to my specifications. Which is it, were they mailed to AWA and I owe you for the work or were they mailed to Nic and aren't your problem? This can all go away for the cost of flat rate shipping. We hold no contract in writing outside of Nic offering to do the work for free, nor have I received an invoice for you or proof that the work was ever completed. It's a Failure To Perform breach of contract under Florida State Law. I don't legally owe you anything and what you're attempting to do is criminal extortion. Mail me back my property in 30 days or I will absolutely see you in court and you will lose and likely lose your FFL. Holding my property hostage because I won't apologize to you is both illegal and childish. You committed to send my guns back to me in writing and then blew me off for months the same way your nephew did. I don't owe you a dime nor do I owe you an apology. These reviews show what a crock your business is and that's why I'm not the only one who has left you one.
Toby Diaz

Profesional, honest and great service! Ive used them several times successfully, for FFL and modifications, Mr. Simpson And team have also giving me good advise on firearms choices and other requests.
manny delvalle