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Armory Ranges

marker Nashville, Tennessee


40 reviews

I've had nothing but good experiences here. I got two IWB holsters made by staff. Both work great. I needed help mounting new sights to one of my competition pistols and Craig got me squared away. People need to understand that just because you spend a pile of money on a gun you are unfamiliar with, doesn't also entitle you to gunsmithing or some other service to set up or modify your gun. Gun store staff have been doing their level best to keep up with demand from panic buyers who come in knowing very little about firearms and safety. Gun stores aren't like Walmart or The Gap.
Caleb Hall

This business, range, and staff are excellent. I took some family members there to shoot pistols and rifles. The area was clean and very user friendly. I also liked that there was a staff member on the range at all times for safety purposes but also to give helpful instruction. Evan, the staff member, was able to help all of us at our unique levels of competency with each weapon in a friendly, non condescending and humble fashion. Guy deserves a raise!I would definitely recommend this business to any and all.
Cherita Wilson

Great customer service! I called one day to inquire about a gun jam. Spoke with Lacy and she was more than happy to fix it for me and she did. The following week my husband and I went to the range and enjoyed ourselves. Alex was so helpful! It was our first time but we felt so comfortable after Alex assisted us. Thanks again! We will definitely be back.
Al Gleason

Have taken several classes and bought several things here. Instructors have been great, classes have given me great skills and improvements, and the range is well maintained and regulated. Greatly enjoyed the class last Friday taught by Jason Edgely
Cheryl Walker

My husband and I had a great experience at the Armory last week. Levi was immensely helpful-very knowledgeable about firearms.