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Did you know that America is the most armed country in the world? If you combine civilian weaponry with armed forces and police weaponry, there are about 398.7 million guns in the US! With such a demand for guns, cheaper and better handguns are coming into the market each year.

Being easily concealable, handguns are the go-to weapons for anybody who is looking to quietly defend themselves. Do you need a new gun but only have a budget of $500 or less? Read on below and find out about the best handguns for under $500!

Springfield Xds 3.3

The barrel on the Springfield XDS 3.3 is only 3.3 inches, making the handgun lightweight and easy to use. The aftermarket support on the brand is very good should you need to find spare parts or want anything upgraded.

The gun is also found in nearly every gun shop in the country, making it a popular choice. You can expect to pay around $499 but in some cases, you could pay as little as $450. 

Ruger Lc9s

The Ruger LC9s is a mouse gun that does all its work up close and personal and isn’t meant for long-range shooting. One of the most affordable and best micro guns on the market, this upgrade of the LC9 now has adjustable sights built-in.

You can get your hands on one of these micro pistols for about $400.

Beretta Nano

Beretta has never compromised on quality, so you know with the Nano you will be getting a high-quality made pistol, that has the consumer market in mind. Nano is said to shoot just as well as the Glock 43 and is worth taking a look at. 

For under $500, this gun makes a handy backup weapon or concealed firearm, that won’t let you down.

Smith and Wesson J-Frame

The good thing about Smith and Wesson is that you have 15 varieties of J-frame models to choose from, all for under $500.

You can get light alloy frames, shrouded hammers, and even a pink handle should you so wish. With this many options, the J-frame is probably the best-concealed weapon on the market, that you can buy for $500. 

Canik TP9SA

You’ve probably never heard of this Turkish-made poly-frame striker gun. This plastic-made gun goes for very little money but shoots as accurately as any other poly-made gun on the market. The TP9SA is a service gun, yes, but it can be easily concealed and carried for daily use. 

The great part about the TP9SA is that you get an 18+1 capacity and it uses easy to acquire parts, so you can repair and upgrade the weapon with relative ease. You can easily find the gun for $350 or less and wonder why you paid so much for other handguns.

Mossberg Mc1sc

Mossberg is best known for having one of the most popular shotgun series to ever exist but shotguns aren’t the only thing they do. What makes the MC1SC standout is the premium options that you have available.

A flat-faced trigger, diamond-like carbon coating, reversible magazine release, and safe takedown system can all be added to this handgun.

Taurus Millennium G2

For $500 you could buy two of these best handguns if you really wanted. Easily found for under $250, the cheaper price tag definitely doesn’t mean a lack of quality. 

A Taurus can hang with the boys like a Glock 26 or Shield, plus shooters with bigger hands have very little problems, getting a solid grip. The Taurus is the best budget option gun available and shoots as well as guns twice its price.

You’ll have to deal with less pleasing aesthetics but a handgun shouldn’t be bought off looks alone.

Kel-Tec PF9

First introduced in 2006, the PF9 has stood the test of time and is still a popular choice for handgun consumers. Everything on the gun is basic with not much to it, even disassembly for cleaning can be done easily.

The PF9 measures six inches long, four inches high, and .88 inches wide, making the gun easily concealable, even under light clothing. The pistol is reliable and easy to operate. Hardened steel barrels and slides stand up well to years of use. You can expect to pay about $350 for this masterpiece.

Choosing The Best Handguns 

Handguns come in a variety of sizes from different manufacturers. Because you can easily get a full grip on full-size handguns, they are often more comfortable to shoot. Though most modern handguns aren’t particularly heavy, the extra weight of full-sized handguns can reduce recoil significantly.

Larger handguns, on the other hand, are more difficult to conceal, so they’re unlikely to be a good choice for concealed carry.

Always Test Drive Your Choice 

Before you buy a handgun, you must test it out. This is especially true for those who want to use them for self-defense, as you risk not being able to use them properly when the situation arises.

As a result, a trip to a gun range is an absolute must for anyone looking for their first handgun. You’ll also be able to try out different calibers, barrel lengths, and other features to see which ones you prefer.

Learning proper gun safety is also essential, as a firearm (even when not in use) poses a threat to everyone in the vicinity if proper behavior is not followed.

Attending a safety course, where certified instructors will provide you with all of the necessary information to safely handle a gun, is the best way to educate yourself.

Choosing Can Seem Difficult 

When looking at a list of the best handguns and trying to choose which one is for you, you might seem overwhelmed. The truth is, nobody can help you make this decision as everything is based on your personal preferences. 

The trick is to be informed and do your research, you can make the best gun decisions if you’re armed with the right information. 

If you’d like more bespoke advice, check out our blog for everything and anything gun-related, we’ve got you covered, start with this article on starter handguns for more information! 

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